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Ch  1 Hospitality
Ch  2 Basics
Ch  3 Theme
Ch  4 Better Old
Ch  5 Legal
Ch  6 Front Desk
Ch  7 Remodeling
Ch  8 Finance
Ch  9 Schedule
Ch 10 Labor
Ch 11 Marketing
Ch 12 Accounting
Ch 13 Now What
Ch 14 Forms


How to Start a B&B or Small Inn
Table of Contents

Chapter  1  The Art of Hospitality
Chapter  2  Innkeeping Management Basics
Chapter  3  Choose a Theme for your Inn
Chapter  4  Old Homes are Better
Chapter  5  Keep it Legal
Chapter  6  Front Desk Considerations
Chapter  7  Remodeling and Furniture
Chapter  8  Financing Options
Chapter  9  Planning a Daily Schedule
Chapter 10 Who will do what jobs?
Chapter 11 Marketing Hospitality Management
Chapter 12 Accounting - Managing the Books
Chapter 13 Startup Blues and What to Do Next
Chapter 14 Forms and Lists

Free 'How to e-book'/Tutorial which you can use to research what it takes to Manage an Inn or Bed & Breakfast or as a resource to maintain or improve your existing B and B.

       This e-book will help you find out what it will take to start and operate an Inn - in today's Hospitality Industry. If you have ever wanted to know about what it takes to start and run a small Inn or Bed & Breakfast then this free e-book/tutorial is a good way to get started.

       You can use the information in this e-book to help you decide whether further investigation is warranted.    It covers the basics, and will serve as a road map which helps in starting an Inn. It can also be used by existing B&B's whom wish a refresher or are looking to improve or expand their services.

    Please keep in mind that this is a free e-book - you will probably need to purchase a more comprehensive book should you discover that you really want to get serious about the hospitality management business.  We often revise and expand this book for content and have made every effort to make it readable and relevant.   

    Another great source for free advice about how to start a Bed and Breakfast is at This forum is very active and is a great resource for new or experienced innkeepers.  Also you may want to join LinkIn.Com sort of like FaceBook but for professionals to network with other professionals.

    With the economy in shambles, more and more travelers are choosing to vacation locally.  While other sectors are suffering the B&B business is expanding and growing.  Starting a B&B may be one of the best opportunities to surviving and prospering.

     This free e-book explaining what it takes to start a Bed & Breakfast or small Inn was written and published by WebReservationDesk.Com as a service to the industry.  It is our way of giving back and helping the industry grow. 

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