Ch  1 Hospitality
Ch  2 Basics
Ch  3 Theme
Ch  4 Better Old
Ch  5 Legal
Ch  6 Front Desk
Ch  7 Remodeling
Ch  8 Finance
Ch  9 Schedule
Ch 10 Labor
Ch 11 Marketing
Ch 12 Accounting
Ch 13 Now What
Ch 14 Forms

Who will do what jobs?

    You do not need to employ staff to get relief from all of your tasks. You may have family members or friends that want to help out. Or you can just outsource the work. You can find contractors for cleaning, cooking, laundry, and gardening everywhere.

    Because you are the boss you can help out as much as possible to minimize the costs. But when customers are on the phone or standing at the front desk you cannot be making breakfast or cleaning a room so you will need help.

    Whatever route you take, make sure it is legal, and that the IRS is getting their fair share. Also look over any contracts and do not sign away the farm. Make sure your insurance will cover any accidents or that your contractors have insurance.

    One skill you may definitely want to farm out is marketing. Unless you are trained or have a brother who sells insurance and is willing to help you with your marketing, then you will need professional help. If you say to yourself, “who needs advertising?”, then you will soon find yourself alone with no guests and no income.

    Other jobs to consider help with are accounting, reservations, check-in and check-out, cleaning, breakfast, guest relations, and emergencies. Decide in advance what type of skills and personality you want in these jobs and write out job descriptions to help in the hiring process. You can often use the job description to run a help wanted ad in your local news paper.

    Of course if all that seems like too much you can hire a business manager and let him handle all the hiring and firing. That is more likely something you will consider a few years down the road.