Ch  1 Hospitality
Ch  2 Basics
Ch  3 Theme
Ch  4 Better Old
Ch  5 Legal
Ch  6 Front Desk
Ch  7 Remodeling
Ch  8 Finance
Ch  9 Schedule
Ch 10 Labor
Ch 11 Marketing
Ch 12 Accounting
Ch 13 Now What
Ch 14 Forms

Startup Blues and What to Do

    It always comes down to a decision; build a business or keep my day job.

    If after reading this eBook you are fired up and ready to go then you are probably the type of person who can make this work.

    If you are overwhelmed by all the tasks that you are faced with then follow your heart.  There is a lot of time and money that will be required and you need to know there are no guarentees.

    There are some links at the back of this book that will help you find additional information in your quest.  On the Forms Page.

    Also know that this is a work in progress and we will continue to add valuable content and links, so please visit us again soon and find out what new information we might have for you to use in deciding what to do.

    We are also starting a listserver of prosective innkeepers and experienced innkeepers.  You can join this listserver on the Join Us Page.