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Ch  2 Basics
Ch  3 Theme
Ch  4 Better Old
Ch  5 Legal
Ch  6 Front Desk
Ch  7 Remodeling
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Ch 10 Labor
Ch 11 Marketing
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Ch 13 Now What
Ch 14 Forms

Forms and Lists

Check List for Starting an Inn
You may not need everything on this list but at least it is a starting point for estimating your startup costs.  Indeed you may need more items than are on this list.  In either case you must make a comprehensive list and then price each item to get your estimated startup expenses down on paper.  After you have the list then add 10% for unexpected expenses. 
Add 220V if not present.
New power panel and circuit breakers.
Plenty of power receptacles for modern lifestyle.
Smoke Detectors
Interior and exterior lighting.
Exterior power for fountains, jacuzzi, walkway and parking lights.
Ventilation fans and heating & cooling fixtures.
Copper pipes with adequate pressure to all showers.
Plenty of hot water.
Matching sink and shower fixtures.
Industrial drainage and sewer pipes.
Sprinkler watering system for fire protection.
Tolets, tubs, showers, sinks, washers, and icemakers.
Ramps and parking for handy caped.
Look for and eliminate any slipping or tripping obstacles.
Paint steps with slip-resistant strips and add railing.
Adequate parking and access.
External roof, windows, awnings and trim appearance.
Land scaping plants and maintenance equipment.
Fountains, Jacuzzi, Pool, Spot Lights, Advertising Sign
Swing, rocking chair, tables and chairs.
Ice making machine.
Laundry room entrance.
Storage for hiking, snow, or beach gear.
Barbaque equipment.
Planters with bushes, small trees, and flowers.
Bug zapper!
Area heating and/or canopy enclosure for cooler weather.
Cleaning Supplies
Washer(s) and dryer(s), soap, conditioner.
Brooms, mops, mop buckets, vacuum cleaners, ironing board.
Cleaning supplies, waxing, dusting, conditioning.
Cleaning cart or caddy.
Interior Basics
Crown and base moldings and chair rails where needed.
Wallpaper and creative painting for atmosphere.
Master-key for all locked doors.
Ceiling fans, light fixtures, outlets for laptops.
Window coverings or shades and storm window if very cold.
Fireplace mantels.
Insulation in all walls for energy and sound proofing.
32" or wider door ways for wheelchair access.
Ceramic tile near all sinks and in bathrooms.
Carpet or hardwood floors.
Common Areas
Check-in desk and chairs.
Writing desk, lamp and chair.
Post cards, brochures, bulletin board.
Coat rack/umbrella stand mirror, floor and table lamps.
Sofa, armchair, coffee table, magazines, games.
Side Tables with real or silk flowers.
Pictures, nick knacks, display.
Flat screen TV.
Dinning and Kitchen
Dining chairs and table(s).
Buffet sidetable.
Dishes, silverware, cups, glasses.
Placemats, tablecloths, and napkins.
Two coffee makers, decaf and regular.
Tea kettle and pot(s).
Cooking utensils, thermometer, scales.
Serving cart, trays, condiment holders.
Oversized refrigerator, seperate freezer unit.
Range and range cover.
Toaster, food processor, microwave.
Garbage disposal, compactor, trash cans.
Guest Rooms
Bed frame, mattress and box spring, sheets, pillows, blankets.
Two night stands, lamps, one radio/alarm clock.
Armchair, end table, lamp, desk, desk lamp, straight chair.
Ceiling fan/light, floor lamp(s).
Dresser, full-length mirror, luggage rack, hangers, iron and board.
Wardrobe if no closet.
TV, Internet connection, telephone.
Bath mat, washcloths, face towels, bath towels.
Bath robes.
Coffee maker, coffee, tea, creamer, sugar and substitute.
Lighted mirror, hairdryer.
Soap, bubble bath and oil, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner.
Tissues, toilet paper, q-tips cotton balls, wastebasket.
Drinking glasses on tray.